Status Update – August 7

This isn’t as much as “update” as it is a “here’s what’s happening after a soft reboot” type post.

tl/dr; An alpha of Frogs of War is about ready on Tabletop Simulator. It’s really a strong alpha. I would call it a beta except there are a large enough number of changes I want to make to the game, and I have not fully manipulated Tabletop to do what I want it to do. Most likely I will need to do some Lua coding, which means really digging into what Tabletop’s features are. It either that or I find a way to code the game in Unity. Or both. But, at the end of the day, this is meant to be a tabletop boardgame/trading card game.

Current status:

  • Tabletop Simulator is ready
  • First batch of animal cards are ready.
  • The rules went through an update and were rewritten.

The most obvious change that has happened with the game from its inception until now is the format of the playing cards; the original goal was to have hexagonal shaped transparent cards (much like Gloom style cards) which could be stacked. Initial play testing showed this to be incredibly difficult to do on a playing surface, so the decision was made to stand the cards up in chits, which definitely helps.

This is going to lead to another change; since the cards no longer need to match the shape of the ecosystem playing surface, they can now be standard playing card shaped. There are some obvious advantages to this, such as it will be less expensive to print and easier to design. This is still in progress so, for now, the cards are still hexagonal.

Please send me an email if you’re interested in helping with an alpha test on Tabletop Simulator!