Frogs of War

Cry ‘havok!’, and let slip the Frogs of War!”

William Frogspeare

The Scenario: the amphibian emperor – Julius Croaker – has just been assassinated; the frog populace blames the dogs, claiming that one Barkus Brutus initiated the whole thing. The dog population claims innocence, insisting that the frogs are turning on their own and looking to blame the dogs. War is sure to follow.

Frogs of War is a revolutionary trading card game, combining the best of modern TCG’s with classical chess. By breeding and playing best of breed animals, commanding them on the ecosystem, and guiding their moves, each player builds a strategy of animal choices and item construction with placements and powerups to out maneuver their opponents to decide, once and for all, just who is superior in this final battle of species: frogs or dogs?