Game Instructions

Frogs of War is a trading card game played on a hexagonal grid. It is a combat game played with animals as army pieces.

Purpose of the Game

The purpose of the game is to play your cards onto the ecosystem, summon animals, build items, and defeat your opponent by removing all of their animals from the ecosystem.


The Ecosystem

The Ecosystem is the area of play comprised of hexagonal tiles. Each tile is representative of a part of the larger, overall ecosystem, such as a river, mountain, forest, and so forth. Some animals have strengths in certain parts of the ecosystem, while other parts of the ecosystem have unique features.


Mountains are impassible except by animals or items with the mountaineering feature.

Rivers, Lakes, and Water

Water spaces are impassible except by animals or items with the acquatic feature.

Animal Features


Acquatic animals can move through water ecosystems naturally, as if it were land.


Mountaineering animals can move through mountain ecosystems naturally, as if it were land.


A line of 3 animals, each with Halberds, is a Halberdline and can move and attack in unison


A healing animal can perform it’s healing ability as an action


Fear causes opponent creatures to move away opposite, if able, if touching a corresponding hex. If unable to move directly away, the animal will attack.


An animal which touches a hex with an annoyance animal will pursue that animal until at least one of them are removed from the ecosystem.


  1. Place the ecosystem of lands
  2. Each player places their kitty of three basic, 1/1 animals on their nearest three grasslands
  3. Each player builds their deck of cards:
    1. 60 cards
    2. unlimited snacks
    3. unlimited resources
    4. Maximum of 4 of any other card
  4. Each player shuffles their deck and draws 5 cards.
  5. Players choose between them who goes first.


Each turn consists of three steps.

Step 1: Draw a card.

Step 2: Perform any two of the following actions.

  1. Play a snack card from your hand.
  2. Play a resource card from your hand.
  3. Breed an animal, or animals, using snacks.
  4. Build an item with resources.
  5. Move one animal already on the board.
  6. Attack with one animal already on the board.

Breeding Animals

Animals can only be summoned onto one of the hexes on the row closest to the player. If there are no free hexes, no animal can be summoned.

Summoning an animal requires a certain number of snacks. Each snack can be used only once per turn. Snacks can be re-used next turn.

Multiple animals can be summoned per turn provided there are enough snacks and hexes for them.

An animal cannot be summoned and used for movement or attack in the same turn.

Building an item

Items can be built onto any hex currently occupied by one of your own animals. With the exception of handheld items, only one “ground” item can be built on any one hex unless first destroyed.

Building items requires a certain number of resources. Each resource can be used only once and then discarded. Unlike a snack, it cannot be used again.

Multiple items can be built per turn provided ther eare enough resources and hexes for them.

Item Uses

Items have multiple uses: some items may help animals move more quickly, while others may increase their attack range, attack strength, provide armour to increase their health, and more.

Moving and attacking.


Animals can move one hex per turn, in any direction. Certain items, after construction, may allow an animal to move more than one hex in one turn.


Any animal may attack another in an adjacent hex. Certain animals may have abilities and features which modify this behaviour.

When animals attack and defend (when they fight), unless otherwise indicated by a card modifier, both animals will perform all their damage against the opposing animals. It is possible that both animals will destroy each other when one attacks.

An attacking animal, if successfully surviving, will move into the spot of the animal it attacked.

Card Features

Animal Cards

The number on the top left of the card is the animal’s strength. This is the amount of damage that an animal will do during a fight.

The number of the top right of the card is the animal’s health. This is the amount of damage that must be done to the animal to destroy it in a fight.

The number on the bottom right is the animal’s “summoning cost” in snacks. This is the number of snacks required to summon this animal.

Item Cards

Item cards follow the same format as animal cards: numbers in the top left are either a replacement for an animal’s attack strength or an addition to it. Likewise, numbers in the bottom right indicate the number of resources required to build that item.

The armour item, for instance, increases the health of the animal who is wearing it by two.

The trebuchet item has a range of two hexes and performs three damage.

Item cards and animal cards are transparent; this allows the cards, when an item is attached to an animal, to have all their stats visible for ease of identification: